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Making a Stop at See’s Candies!

Posted by Hugh Reynolds on
Making a Stop at See’s Candies!

The next stop, See’s Candies is equally delightful. The chocolate maker uses California’s Guittard Chocolate to make some of the most playful and creative chocolate treats. Established in 1921, with the motto “Quality Without Compromise” the confectioner ensures that all their products are free of preservatives, and sells them for about $20 a pound. This store also makes it convenient for you to mix and match any combination of your choice in a single order. What makes See’s Candies stand out and all the more delightful is the way the place is set up. The Shops mirrors have a white and black color theme and are inspired by the kitchen of the establishment’s owner, Mary See, where she began her chocolate journey. See’s Candies was initially launched in LA, California later expanding to over two hundred shops across the globe that are serviced by their factories in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale also features the Herb Box, which is a locally owned business offering a healthy selection of delightful meals alongside delicious chocolate treats. While chocolate is great and delicious, it is not food. A stop at heart Box ensures that you have a healthy meal to give you even more energy for a stroll as you explore other chocolate shops in Scottsdale. The next stop following the stop at Heart Box is Nordstrom’s Sugarfina, situated at the Fashion Square Mall (right beside the LTC Tree). The company makes a wonderful selection of chocolate products including gummies made using George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila, and Cuban chocolate cigars made in Italy by Vendi. Right next door to Sugarfina is Caketini. If you would like a chocolate cannoli, this is the place. Caketini provides a broad range of truffle-style cake pops as well as super-high cakes using family recipes from the owner.

Have you ever found yourself craving for chocolate at 2 in the morning, only to find a bare cupboard and everything closed? Worry no more. The next stop of the chocolate tour, Sprinkles will transform your life. Sprinkles features a streetside cupcake ATM featuring more than 500 cupcakes where you can purchase a cupcake anytime you like. Sprinkles make life better and so much fun for you if you love cupcakes. When the owner of Sprinkles, Candace Nelson launched her initial cupcake shop in Beverly Hills, California, she only offered cupcakes. The selection has since expanded to cookies, doggie cupcakes, and mini cupcakes. Candace has several copies of her own cookbooks available if you are interested in her style of baking, and would like to learn more about it.