Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping Things Up

The final stop of the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is Classic Cakes Bakery. The owner of Classic Cakes Bakery, Neil Levinson, is originally from Montreal Canada and relocated with his family to Arizona where they have lived for more than 20 years now. Classic Cakes Bakery has a lot to offer in terms of delightful treats. The Bakery prides itself on making truly artistic and creative cakes. Classic Cakes Bakery also makes wonderful pies, S’more tarts, as well as Red Velvet Twinkies. Spending time with Neil Levinson is quite rewarding. The owner truly knows his stuff, and you will learn a lot about baking creatively and artistically.

Chocolate tours of Scottsdale take place seasonally, running from October through May and stopping when the summer sets in due to the intense heat in Arizona. The tours are customizable for groups with unique interests and are best suited for people between the ages of eight and eighty. The cost for the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is $45 in addition to tax and is inclusive of a wide selection of complimentary delights. If you will be visiting Phoenix and would like to make the most out of your time, it would be a great idea to register with Gwendolyn for the delightful Chocolate. Your palate will thank you for it.


Owned by the delightful Gwendolyn McKay, Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale takes participants between the ages of eight and eighty through a 2-mile stroll of the beautiful town of Scottsdale. The tour can be equated to the Amazing Race of Chocolate, where your mission should you choose to accept it, is to visit as many chocolate hotspots and sample as many chocolate treats as possible within the available time limit of two hours and thirty minutes. Do not hesitate in joining the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale and experiencing chocolate and other goodies deliciously and extraordinarily. Take the amazing and delicious chocolate tour and be guided through the most chocolicious moments you have ever had in your life.

You will get the opportunity to visit some of the best chocolatiers not just in Scottsdale but in Arizona. You will enjoy delightful delicatessen chocolate assortments that will without a doubt awaken your palate to the extent of becoming a chocoholic. The weather in Arizona is also quite lovely and complements the tour making it a memorable one. The highlights of the tour include a beautiful stroll through the popular streets of Scottsdale showcasing a variety of shops and art galleries. The lineup of chocolate assortments available for your taste buds is inexhaustible and includes hot chocolate, ice cream, baked goods, cupcakes, truffles, and much more. The atmosphere is friendly and fun, and Spanish tours are also provided. If you are a great fan of chocolate and would like to learn more about the history of chocolate as well as the chocolate-making process, or are just looking for something fun to do during your free time, the Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale is for you.